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Qualifying for State and County office begins:
Monday, January 13 at 8AM and ends on
Friday, February 7 at 5PM.


Nationwide Republicans have declared war on the middle class, especially teachers and public workers. While they hide behind a false premise of budget constraints, they are in fact using the power of their public offices to punish anyone and everyone that has or is supected to have given political contributions to and/or voted for Democrats.

We are in real danger of having our people-power completely overwhelmed by unbridled corporate greed in the coming months or years. When you hear the key phase "original intent" understand that is code for de-emphasizing citizen's rights and reinstituting a republican / big business / corporate standard that reserves and protects power for the powerful and limits citizen's individual rights.

If you are unsure about such things as the health care bill, just ask yourself, "What Would Jesus Do?" Why does the holier-than-thou party in one breath declare that this a "Christian Nation" and in the next denounce anything that reflects Jesus' liberal teaching? 

Don't be fooled. We, in fact, DO NOT have the best health care delivery system in the world! Out of all industrialized nations, we pay 40% more, per person yet we ranked #37 in quality of health care delivered.

We are the ONLY major industrialized nation that DOES NOT provide universal health care for its citizens. Today there are over 51 million American citizens that do not have health care coverage. Christian nation indeed!




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Important dates to remember:
Friday, February 7, 2013 - CANDIDATE QUALIFYING CLOSES